Facts about TED DRAKE The only Arsenal Player to ever Scored 7 goals in any top-flight game

Facts about TED DRAKE The only Arsenal Player to ever Scored 7 goals in any top-flight game

In 1935 Arsenal went to Villa Park for a visit however, it turned out very bad for them. A forever record in arsenal memories it is. Just because of one great Arsenal man.
AstonVilla’s were surprised, with a 7 to1 loss. Ted Drake scored every one of the seven goals to establish a surprising match.
Let us talk about Ted Drake. The Arsenal Legend who made this crushing record.

who is Ted Drake?

His full name is Edward Joseph Drake but known as Ted Drake. He plays for England football team, also a manager. Southampton was his first club and Arsenal was his glory point, all this happens in the 1930s. He won 2 league titles for Us and also won 1 FA Cup.
A look at the Arsenal record books shows exactly that he was so significant to the all-vanquishing side of the 1930s. Drake nets an amazing 42 classic goals in the title triumph of 1934/35.

So how did Ted Drake Scored 7 goal in a Game?

Ted is the club’s 6th most scorer ever, he is the main player Till now for Arsenal to arrived at 100-objective with only 108 appearances to do as such.

In 1935, when Arsenal went facing Aston Villa before 60,891 onlookers.

Drake who had as of late invested energy in the stores due to a knee injury, Arsenal were without Alex James and Joe Hulme, So he needs to play in any event, when he isn’t completely fit to include in the firing line-up.

Estate commanded the beginning period of the Game, however, when Drake had broken the halt when he discharged in Pat Beasley’s long pass, Gunners was presently in charge.

When that the official had blown for the break, Drake had finished his cap stunt. Bastin put him through for his subsequent objective, while the third shown up after Villa goalkeeper Harry Morton had neglected to keep hold of Beasley’s exertion from out wide.

He proceeded to close the match in Birmingham by scoring the group seventh objective of the challenge, which stays a top-flight and club record right up ’til today. It would have been eight objectives for Drake, however, his exertion that hit the underside of the crossbar and seemed to go too far was not granted by the authorities.

In any case, Drake’s English record would incredibly keep going for only 12 days as Tranmere Rovers forward Bunny Bell upstaged him by scoring nine of his side’s 13 objectives against Oldham Athletic in a Third Division North experience.


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