George Hardy History

George Hardy History: The Wonderful Arsenal trainer You Must Know

Yes today on Gunnersnews we will talk about a very special Arsenal person that you don’t really know anything about. Trust me you don’t know anything about him.

He has nothing written about him, not even in Wiki or on Arsenal’s official web site.

His story is a story of mammoth interest. The only report we have about him was from Sally Davis.

The person we are talking about, is a person that is worthily to mentioned, yes his name is George Hardy.

Below are George Hardy brief history, and what you need to know.

George Hardy Help to George Jobey

On September 6, 1913, When Arsenal George Jobey a new centre forward was on a match, he scored and then he got injured on his ankle.  He was carried away from the pitch by George Hardy.  There were no dressing-rooms as at that time, Jobey was taken to his home for treatment.  George Hardy has to borrowed wheelbarrow to take him there.

George Hardy and Robert Benson

Robert Benson joined from Sheffield United in 1913.  He was suspended in 1915 and became a munitions worker.  He always put in occasional turns in league games and friendly matches. 

One day, against Reading he was suddenly asked to play, although he even had not being training.  He left the pitch before the end feeling unwell, collapsed and died in the arms of the Arsenal trainer, George Hardy.

George Hardy In 1927/28 FA Cup 4th round replay against Port

On 2nd February 1927, Arsenal was playing an FA Cup 4th round replay against Port Vale. Arsenals were playing better with lot of position, but we couldn’t score a goal as at then. George Hardy’s notice something, he wanted to correct it, to make the attack more effective. So he silently went in the touchline, and cupping his hands, yelled out that one of the forwards was to play a little farther upfield.” The Coach Chapman was not happy about Hardy actions and sent Him to the dressing-room.

(Arsenal later won the game 1-0 and went on to the Cup Final for the first time that season).

Immediately after the Hardy was sacked and Whittaker promoted to the trainer in his place.

Chapman demoted Hardy as he had wanted to do all along and appointed Whittaker to succeed him. 

Gorge Hardy left in 1927 to work at Tottenham, before moving on to coach Tottenham’s nursery side Northfleet United.  He died January 1947 preparing for a Tottenham match v West Bromwich Albion.


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