Untold Thierry Henry History: When and How Did He Got to Arsenal

The Untold Thierry Henry History: When and How Did He Got to Arsenal

Thierry Henry was signed from Juventus, On August 3rd 1999 for a record signing for a fee of £11m.

How much well do you know about him, Let takes you back to history let us talk about what you do not know about Thierry Henry.

Thierry Henry Brief History

Thierry Daniel Henry was born on August 17, 1977 in Châtillon, France. He is a French football player; he scored more international goals than any other player in the history of France and measured as one of the most productive goal scorers of his time.

Antoine and Maryse Henry are Thierry parent, both were migrants, his father is from Guadeloupe, and mother from Martinique.

Thierry Henry both parent separated. And his mother has legal right to have guardianship of young Thierry.

Thierry Henry Start to Arsenal

Henry was signed in 1992 to Versailles, and later signed by AS Monaco in 1994. During the 1998–99 seasons, he moves to Juventus, for £9 million though he was supposed to be sold to Real Madrid. After spending 7-months at Juventus, Arsenal signed him for a fee of £10.5-million deal Arsenal.

He has a tough start in English football, after playing his first seven matches, he couldn’t score a goal. Though he later scored 17 goals in the Premier League campaigns.

Henry scored 31 goals in all competitions to lead Arsenal to a unforgettable double-winning campaign, As it was remembered as the year in which they secured the title in the penultimate league game at Old Trafford.

He was the standout player of the ‘Invincible’, who did the unthinkable and went the entire 2003/04 Premier League season unbeaten – the first team to ever do so in a 38-game season.

Thierry Henry total goals for arsenal

Thierry Henry is Arsenal’s record goal scorer, scoring 228 goals in total.

The 2005/06 campaign saw Henry linked to Barcelona.


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