What do you think about Davide Luiz's Contract: Extention or Not?

What do you think about Davide Luiz’s Contract: Extention or Not?

Now we are about to restart the Premier League season, with few matches remaining. if we remember very well Arsenal aged defender David Luiz signed just a year contract, meaning his contracts with us will end after this season.

We all know we have been having a defensive problem for a long time now, the Brazilian did not solve the issues but he defiantly reduces it.
Now here s what is going with David Luiz at Arsenal right now.

All that you need to know about David Luiz’s Arsenal contract situation

At first, we all thought that he signed a two-year deal with us, but honestly Luiz’s deal was just a year and an option of extension.
Right now that option is in doubt, We might lose his experience at the season end. The defender opened up some times back that he would love to finish his football career at Benfica, he played for 4 seasons 2007 and 2011.

Luiz is paid about 100,000 pounds every week making. This made him a logical cost-cutting fro the bord.
In all likelihood, because of his age, he could not get a 2 year deal with us, we needed to check whether he could in any case perform at the most significant level.

Does the Defender worth a contract extension?

We have 2 center-backs that we can train and develop, we also have William Saliba coming and Mustafi is also there. But mostly all defender named above are kids and definitely hungry for playing time.

Has Luiz made our defense better in any way? Yes, he had. He made a lot of mistakes. He’s not someone we can rely on in defending a 1-0 lead in the last 10 minutes of a cup final. It’s not really criticizing the player as we knew deep down what we were getting.
Chelsea set him off, we took him in, Or was it yet again our recruitment team prioritizing value over quality?

David’s Luiz is one Arsenal player that has won trophies most in the squad. Arsenal has to use that, as it is very vital to motivate the squad. He had stepped up a lot, he now plays with many qualities, his personality is super good, and his experience bests so far. Towards the team and he made a big step forward. I am very, very pleased with him.

All the games he has played so far he has been tremendous, he has this team playing sense. The manner in which he speaks, his craving to in any case. I think we pleased with him.
He deserves a contract extension.


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