Why Arsenal is called Arsenal? Facts How the Name Arsenal came to Existence?

Things You Need To Know About Arsenal Name Today

Why are called the Arsenal football club? why are we call Arsenal? let me tell you how it comes about the name Arsenal.
Arsenal was established in the year 1886 by a gathering of laborers utilized by the Dial Square workshop at the Royal Arsenal, a combat hardware processing plant in Woolwich.

The gathering was under the administration of a Scotsman man, David Danskin, who bought the club’s first football. Read More here

The Gunner’s First Name changed to in May 1893.

The Club was known as Royal Arsenal Football Club yet was changed to Woolwich Arsenal Football And Athletic Company Limited

In the wake of turning proficient Royal Arsenal was changed to Woolwich Arsenal in May 1893 when the club turned into a constrained risk organization. As a constrained risk organization, it can no longer utilize “Imperial” in its name, consequently the change.

The Gunner’s Second Name changed to in April 1914

The club named was changed in April 1914 from Woolwich Arsenal Football And Athletic Company to The Arsenal Football And Athletic Company Limited.

In 1913, after moving to the new home Highbury. The club burned through the greater part of its first year at Highbury with the name Woolwich Arsenal. The name was changed somewhere in the range of 20 and 23 April 1914. The thing that matters appears in the matchday programs – however tragically I don’t have

The Gunner’s Third Name changed to in October 1914

An only half year after the club name was changed to The Arsenal Football And Athletic Company Limited, the name was still changed again The Arsenal Football Club Limited

The Gunner’s Forth Name changed to in November 1919

Five years after the club named was changed, The Club was presently elevated to the main division in 1919 and it leads to another which the club changed the name from The Arsenal Football Club Limited to Arsenal Football Club Limited

This outstanding occasion happened mid-season in November 1919.


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